“Big little lies” – Protect your protector

“Big little lies” Liane Moriarty book, “Big little lies” HBO series. I read and watched it synonymously. Perhaps something one should never do. However it worked out perfectly, if not in my favour.

The book is everything that we can expect from Moriarty. Real characters, great plot, humour, suspense and a good read. HBO short series is filled with big Hollywood names, spectacular views, stunning homes and brilliant music.

What “Big little lies” is about? I’ll try to write about it without any spoilers. To me it’s a vision of female solidarity. It’s about fractured relationships. “Perfect” suburban wives leading “perfect lives” that in reality are “perfect lies”. Gossipy and a little bitchy in day-to-day lives, carrying secrets, being scared of failure, affairs and domestic violence. Bonding women with ability to draw strength from each other.

The reason why I fell in love with “Big little lies” is an unspoken agreement between women. When these constantly bickering, not necessarily fond of each other mothers, start to bond to protect each other. And in that bond they find safety, security and strength. Something that men would never be able to understand, yet replicate.

“Big little lies” is excellent (not always easy) to read and to watch. It seems only natural to protect our protector.

However the greatest “Big little lies” success, is raising domestic violence awareness.




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