Niagara traps

I clearly did not do my research when I thought Niagara Falls would be all about water fall. With it being water falls, I thought this would be scenic, nature orientated place. Yes, the Falls are beautiful, although not as impressive as I thought. And yes, I do know it’s not all about the size. …

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The blonder, the better

It’s that time of year again. Spring. Spring wakes up in us, humans urge for a change. I feel like a change… like there’s a new hair cut vibe in the air.

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Vicky Becks @ Target

Not sure how do I feel about designer collaborations with high street brands. Thrilling idea, very often disappointing results. Last October Target announced spring collaboration with Victoria Beckham. By March collection was ready for an online sneak peek. Classic cuts, playful English tea party prints, vibrant summery colours. Collection features sizes for woman ranging from …

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